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Meet Coco-Chanel.

Communications Director.

My name is Coco-Chanel Quaye. I am a senior De La Salle North Catholic. I believe that youth should be involved in every aspect of their community. It is essential that the police understand the youth. In order for them to make change in their community. I attended a pre college program at Brown university where I studied. Human rights and I focused on the topic police brutality. I did intense research and wrote a paper finding the problem and what the solution was. Lack of education of the police is what I found as the problem.  I am a part of the girls teen council. We have yearly summits that give girls tools to make change in their community. 


Youth should be equipped with tools that will help them navigate their community. They are the best leaders.  I feel that we should involve ourselves in everything that promotes youth empowerment. The more we get involved the more we can have an input to what we want in our future. New adventures have big impacts on everything and everyone.

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