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Meet Alana.

Development Director.

Alana believes strongly in uplifting youth voices in efforts to improve the police system. As a director of YEP, Alana advocates for police approaching youth with a deeper understanding of their experiences. She aided YEP in their PPB Scenario Project, playing Bella, one of the distressed youth that the police approach in the scenario. Currently, Alana is a Multnomah Youth commissioner on the Youth Against Violence committee which works directly with youth affected by violence to combat the manifestation of violence in their Multnomah County communities. As a commissioner, Alana worked in the summer of 2019 to analyze data surrounding youth perceptions of police all across Multnomah County. From March to June of 2019, Alana led multiple focus groups held in different neighborhoods in the Multnomah County area that addressed youth perceptions of police, experiences with police and how these police interactions can improve in the near future. Currently, she is working with other youth commissioners to present this data to groups who influence law enforcement as well as law enforcement themselves.

Currently, Alana is a student at St. Mary’s Academy and has been an essential part of Justice Week, a day of equity and inclusion that includes attending workshops from various students about their struggles with injustice in its many forms. She also leads a club called Women of Color in Action that focuses on combating racial injustices within the school and influencing change in the curriculum in efforts to make learning safer for minorities.

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