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Policy is rooted in coalition, which we call our "Cohorts". This is built of the community leaders and organizations who fight against the systems at hand in their respective communities.
We work to get youth in different cities on boards, committees, and commissions related to policing in order to influence the policies that directly lead to overfunding of police.
We also work with these individuals to propose policy recommendations, push elected officials towards equity, and divesting from policing. This helps us more intentionally and successfully implement our Program.

A Seat at the Table

YEP Strives to build up the cohort of youth we work with across many different areas of influence. Whether that is:




There are a multitude of ways to have your voice heard and it is important to institutionalize the influence of disenfranchised communities in order to move closer to equity. As YEP grew in Portland, we too had our team reaching out to local city groups. 

Policy Recommendations

Portland, Oregon

Restorative Justice Training and Platform

YEP partnered with the Portland Committee on Community Engaged Policing to introduce a sweeping recommendation which aimed to train all officers and related system players on the philosophy of restorative justice as an alternative to punitive punishment. This recommendation mandated not only a training but also the creation of a platform to connect students and other youth directly with restorative outlets after an incident or harmful circumstance. Click the image to read more.

Portland, Oregon and Various

Youth Engagement Protocol

YEP put together a proposal that should inform the senior leadership of all bureaus and departments when considering a community engagement plan for youth. This proposal documents the research and insights from YEP's youth partners that demonstrate a need for engagement and lays out a plan for unstructured and structured engagement needed to build better relationships. In the age of defunding and abolition, YEP believes these strategies hold true for other city employees no matter if they represent the police or not. Contact for more info

Ongoing Work

Divestment Strategies for School Settings

YEP is currently working on a recommendation that provides best practices for City oversight in defunding police programming in Schools and reinvests funds in social services. This proposal makes considerations and acknowledgments of the immediate difficulties of such a change, lays out the reasons why it helps both police and youth and provides steps for how to ensure a smooth and productive transition. YEP is developing this recommendation in consultation with members of police, school and youth groups. PDF still in development. Please check back towards the end of June.

Project under development: Police Accountability Report. Contact admin@youtheducatingpolice.org for more details. 
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