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YEP Policy Recommendations

Youth Educationing Police strives to be a valued source in the community for inciitng change and building stronger bonds between not only youth but also our adult counterparts. That is why, as we state our below Policy Recommendations we ask if feel so obliged to want to pursue some work we listed below feel free to reach out via our "Contact" for any support we can provide.
  • Housing
    • The Youth who are affected by homelessness are, with the support of such organizations as New Avenues for Youth, P:ear, and SMYRC (Sexual Minority Youth Resources Center), are funded to provide a wider range of support to the community of youth under the age of 24 to gain access to shelter, support, resources, and an education.
  • Education
    • Portland Public School Board can pass conscious measures to ensure diversity in students and teaching positions
    • All school districts are held accountable for instances of sexual violence, misconduct, and harassment to the highest degree. This is followed through with the hiring of district positions dedicated to the investigation of safety in regards to staff and student safety. 
  • Transportation
    • Youth Pass is funded on as a permanent program offered to any youth in the age range of 8-21 currently attending high school, middle school, or any higher education. Funded by TriMet and the City of Portland as a permanent program.
  • Gun Violence**
    • Requires background checks on all prospective firearm purchasers, closing a loophole in federal law that allows private firearm sellers (i.e., unlicensed persons) to sell guns without conducting background checks.
    • Change the legal age to buy a firearm from 18 to 21. Allowing for less of a chance of unstable young individuals to get their hands on firearms of any kind.
    • Support measures such as Petition 43, which would ban the future sale or transfer of assault rifles or high-cap magazine rifles. Learn more here: Cease Fire Oregon
  • Education
    • Render all state and community college free for folks who can not afford it. Decrease High School drop-out rates amongst communities of color; Latinos, Native Americans, and Black youth. 
  • Oregon Policy Change
  • Police
    • Refer to Gun Violence Above
    • Prevent Access to Guns: Nearly 1.7 million American kids live in homes where guns are loaded and unlocked. Children find them and, tragically, use them in unintentional shootings, teen suicides, and school shootings. Enacting laws that require safe storage, punish adults who make it easy for children to access guns, and encourage the development of gun safety technology will save kids’ lives.
    • Invest in Urban Gun Violence Prevention and Intervention Programs: For black families in America, the chance of a male child dying from a gunshot wound is 62% higher than dying in a motor vehicle crash. Strategic intervention programs in urban communities plagued by gun violence have been able to cut gun homicide rates by as much as 50% in as little as two years. States should fund and support these lifesaving programs.
Example of Disparities
in funding in America**:
*Our Policy Recommendations are accumulated from our own perspectives and from accredited law professionals alike. 
**Source, Giffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence.
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