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Youth Education Initiative (YEI)

Support and empower youth voice and youth involvement
Reasons for Implementation
  • Inspired by similar youth-led efforts across country

  • Appreciate adult work but need for youth involvement

  • Youth require further opportunities then given at school
  • Youth not taken seriously without proper organization
  • Adults often shy away from youth interaction without connections 

Queer Meets Color strives to:

  1. Shine light on the intense and rather life-threatening predicament of being a person of color and queer.

  2. Spread awareness on the culture significance of race and sexuality.

  3. Educate the greater community on the rich history of queer people of color.

  4. Bring about change to the attitudes, mindsets, and ostracization of queer people of color, especially amongst younger individuals.

WNFT's Youth Journalism Fellowship:

  1. Targets schools with no Journalism program

  2. Exposes students to the opportunities and importance of the media

  3. Connects Fellows with local and national media mentors

  4. Builds writing and multipmedia skills for the globalised word

  5. Encourages self advocation through social platforms

Startup Weekend Youth Tbilisi:

  1. Reduces stigma around entrepreneurship and small business, inspiring students and showing them success in the sector.

  2. Connect students with long-term business mentors to provide feedback on their company ideas and to help them find work.

  3. Inform students on the pivotal ideas of "creative ideation," "the business canvas" model and "pivoting" to help them create and sustain ideas.

Start Conversations. Impact Communities
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