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Youth Instructing Police (YIP)

Decrease conflict and animosity between youth and police.
Implementation Reasons
  • Inspired by youth groups across country

  • Appreciate adult work but need for youth involvement

  • Developing comprehensive curriculum by crossing lines of contention

  • Looking at disparities in policing as well as cognitive views of youth

  • Instructing through action developed and maintained by the youth perspective

Overview/Goals for YIP


  • Police officers will better there ways of communication so they can effectively talk with you in order to lower the amount of overall confrontations but especially those involving force..

  • Police will learn how to avoid altercations with police

  • Police will build empathy with youth and identify problems that youth may be having at a given time of meeting.

  • Police need to understand a interpersonal and examine the perspectives of their previous generations. From that, hone in on and youth today.

YIP Strategy


​Impart knowledge to teach police officers about:

  • The Attitudes/Beliefs of youth and reasons for youth action

  • The fact that youth are often intimidated by power of officers and can respond differently to situational social cues

  • Youth being more susceptible to external and internal societal pressures

  • Finding a common ground with youth

  • Approaching youth interactions more deliberately

  • Being in the field with an understanding of the communities you are entering/representing

Training Structure


  • Education

    • National Scale(Video/Statistics/Testimonies)

    • Local community scale (Video/Statistics/Testimonies)

    • Personal Stories

    • Officer Experience (Childhood)

  •  Youth Compatibility

    • Understanding the Youth

    • Roleplay (double-sided)

  •  Identity Disparities

    • Implicit Bias

    • Gender/Racial involvement

    • Roleplay (one-sided)

  • Close-Up

    • Call to action

    • Tips (in their own communities/districts)

    • Final thoughts

Start Conversations. Impact Communities
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